Peace is here!Hooray!

No weapons!no missiles!no guns!no terrorism!

In a bold move, the leaders of our world decided that it was enough!

Any kind of weapon of any country would be destroyed, from knives to nuclear missiles...but what´s the price for all of this?

The world is now divided in five countries, Germany, USA, Brazil, Israel  and China; travelling abroad is strictly forbidden.





The whole economy depends in only one private bank, the World Bank.

The 2008 financial crisis, was just a we live in a deep, perpetual world economical crisis.






Obviously, the 'peace' thing was just a charade to avoid any kind of attack from the population, to their leaders and most  their bankers.

But here comes our heroes!



Conveniently labeled as terrorists, a very small organization, decided that it was time for fear...for those who have been abusing the entire population for decades and decades....

It´s time to beat those motherf****** to death!





It´s time to BEAT CRISIS UP!



                                                                                 Beat Crisis Up photo gallery.














- Retro looking graphics.

- Gigantic open world map.

- +20 hours of gameplay.

- Over 40 different attack moves, including throws,punches,kicks, reversals, and literally hundreds of possible combos...the largest move set in any 2D  beat'em up game EVER!


- Strong RPG elements.


- Game tracks your fighting style, including variety, mercy, the use of aerial or standing attacks, and more.


- Forget about enemies that are just there to get beaten...these guys want you for DEAD!.

- Slapstick humor, blood, brutality and political commentary.


- Coming up in 2019 for Windows, Linux and MacOs