Using spring device, wall crawling skill, double jump and level one punches and kicks.This video

has no sound.

Beat Crisis Up is still in full development, however , we want to show you some development videos, showing our Star of the game doing his stuff.

Keep in mind that changes may apply on the final product.


Performing some basic moves , but not all of them.

Walking, jumping, crouching and using default attack moves.

This video has no sound.



Throws!Here you can see some Level 1 throws performed on poor green soldier....

This video has sound.


Level 2 punches and kicks.

Graphics have been revamped.

This video has sound.


Level 2 throws.

This video has sound.

Level 3 throws.

This video has sound.

Level 3 punches and kicks.

This video has sound.

Finally some gameplay footage!
This is still a beta, but now you can have a general idea what´s the game going to look like.
Changes may apply.